What is Hashi

Hashi is an online game inspired by the Japanese game of the same name.

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The rules of the game

Hashi is a very addictive logic game invented in Japan. The goal of the game is to connect the points of the grid between them. To do so you can connect one point to another by the top, the bottom, the left or the right.

Each connection between two points can have one or two lines. A point will be connected to at least one line and maximum eight lines. Each point is marked with a number from 1 to 8 that indicates the number of lines connected to it.

The grid will be resolved when all points are connected to each other. There can not be two groups of independent points.

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To summarize

  • Each point must be connected to a number of lines corresponding to the number written on it
  • All points must be interconnected (forming only one group)
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How the game works

  • Click on a point to bring up the connections possible
  • Click on a connection to add a line
  • A long click on a point highlights other points connected to it
  • Allow to restart the game.
  • Go backward in history.
  • Go forward in history.
  • Allow to save the game.
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