What is Morpion Logik

Morpion Logik is a game based on the Binero principle. It's a logic game in which you have to fill the game grid with crosses and circles.

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The rules of Morpion Logik

The goal of Morpion Logik's game is to fill a grid of x and o according to the following principles:

  • Each line and column must contain the same number of x and o.
  • There can not be more than two consecutive identical symbols. (oxxo is valid but not oxxxo)
  • Two rows or two columns can not be identical.

The game is won when all the boxes are filled.

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How the game works

Headers for rows and columns indicate the number of x and o already present. To add a symbol:

  • Left-clicking on an empty box will bring up a x.
  • A second left-click brings up a o.
  • Right-clicking on an empty box brings up a o.
  • A second right-click brings up a x.
  • Allow to restart the game.
  • Go backward in history.
  • Go forward in history.
  • Allow to save the game.
  • Let's see if there are almost identical lines. Two lines can not be identical, it allows to deduce the missing symbols.
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